Florian Mraz And Sven Laarson

Studio: Staxus

The problem with consumerism is that it never satisfies the individual “ the more we have, the more we want! A problem that gorgeous blond bombshell, Sven Laar, has to confront head-on when his birthday arrives and none of the gifts he gets really hits the mark. Fortunately for this horny young cock-fiend, however, hes blessed with quite a tremendous imagination, and its not long before hes creating the perfect present for himself in his head.
And what is this fabulous gift? Why, none other than the јber-desirable Florian Mraz “ who, in addition to being utterly divine, is also as hyped-up as fuck and gagging for hardcore action. Okay, so he doesnt come gift-wrapped, but thats surely a minor irritation given how eagerly the fellow dives onto Laars dick having initially provided a very pleasurable, oily rub-down. Certainly Laar doesnt appear to question the quality of his dream-boy, thats for sure “ in fact, given the way that hes soon throwing hot wax over himself in a bid to heighten the experience still further its pretty clear that this is a guy whos way out of control and fuckin loving it!
Whats more, his pleasure is only intensified when Mraz turns his attention to that hungry little pucker thats nestling between his butt-cheeks; signalling the start of a terrific fuck-and-fist session that provides Laars hole with the stretching of its life, and which ultimately results in the fellow spewing like a geyser over his belly. That just leaves Mraz with the task of spraying his jizz over his buddys ass “ a creamy finale for a first-class romp!

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Duration: 20:42
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5856kbps
Audio: 153kbps

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