Twin Devils

Release Year: 2005
Studio: Studio 2000
Cast: Marc Bloom, Giovanni Floretto, Jose Ganetti, Jack Lacroix, James Lacroix, Fernando Nielsen, Fernando Nielson, James Riviera, Julian Vincenzo, Chris Youngman
Genres: Oral, anal , group sex Age of actors : 24 - 30 years

Star turned director Roland Dane has created another one of his Very Stimulating Films for Studio 2000 Video. With lots of Hunky European Men and even a real Set of Twins, there is enough spice in this DVD to more than satisfy everyone! The film starts with Handsome James Riviera driving down the road in his car. His day is interrupted by the vehicle breaking down, and when he calls the shop, he is told that he will have to wait an hour to be picked up!
He keeps his cool though, and the camera shows him in the shop later checking out the Muscular Mechanic. The role is played by familiar star Fernando Niel, and very few people are going to blame him as he Licks his Lips at the sight of the man bending over to work on his automobile! Niel is able to fix the problem fairly quickly and then Riviera tells him that he runs a successful dance troop and asks him to join. The large man seems Resistant, until Riviera tells him how much fun they all have together. Niel asks if they are all as good looking as Riviera, and he indicates that they are, and then pulls the mechanic to him so he can start undressing him as he kisses his neck. As they get rid of their clothes both men seem to be excited by each other's bodies. Many guys are going to wish they could be the one licking Niel's Massive Chest, and Riviera certainly seems to enjoy it before moving down to suck his fine dick. When Riviera is finally able to tear his lips away from Niel's body, he gets him to lay back on the car, and then he Fingers him for a while before taking him on. Riviera sports a more classic looking Dancer's Build, and nobody is going to want to miss the sight of the smaller man taking on theparative giant! The guys move through several positions, and Niel's gasps and moans will let people know what a good time he is having. The men wind up stopping about halfway through for Niel to suck Riviera for a while, and then they move to the floor for some more action. Niel looks great Taking a Ride on his new friend, and then the guys turn on their side for some exciting action before they are both worn out for the moment. James Riviera asks Fernando Niel toe by on Thursday for an Audition before he gets in his car and drives away. He tells him he has a definite advantage, and Niel goes back to work with thoughts of dancing on his mind as Riviera heads for his place.
At Riviera's house Jose Gati and Chris Youngman are playing billiards when Riviera arrives. They want him to stay and play with them, since the rest of the dancers are on assignment, but he tells him that he is worn out from the broken down car, and the Hot Encounter with the new potential dancer, so they let him go upstairs and lay down. Once he is gone, Gati proposes playing a game of pool for a sexy prize. Youngman loves the idea of ??playing for sex, and puts his Gorgeous Butt on the line, and winds up losing the game. He doesn't seem to mind losing though, and when Gati grabs him by his White T-Shirt and pulls him in for a Big Kiss, Youngman jumps into the action right away! Jose Gati gets Chris Youngman to sit on the edge of the pool table so he can take his shirt off. Then Youngman helps him get his shirt off, and the guys enjoy some Nipple Sucking before Gati heads downward to suck his friend's dick. The guys even wind up in a 69 Position on the table before they have sex, and nobody is going to want to miss how great the Nude Men look against the green felt. Gati then gets Youngman to lean across the table so he can Rim the prized bottom before taking him on. Fans of Inexperienced Men should enjoy hearing (or reading since there are subtitles) Youngman saying that it is his first time! The idea adds a little extra jolt of electricity to the scene as Gati carefully pushes his way inside, and Youngman certainly looks like he hasn't done much during their first tentative moments together. After a while they heat up though, and Gati gets to throw some more powerful thrusts into his slim friend's body. They even get up on the table for a while before they switch places so Youngman can take Gati on! The addition of the Flip / Flop to the scene is great fun, and then Gati even gets Youngman to lean back on the floor so he can take him again before theyplete their thrilling encounter!
After they finish up Fernando Niel is shown getting ready to go to his audition. His fellow repairmen Giovanni Floretto and Julian Vincenzo give him a hard time about being a dancer, but once he is gone they admit that they are jealous, and even talk about how they would like to have sex with all of the men. The discussion gets them randy for each other, and Vincenzo pulls his Much Hairier partner to him for a big kiss! The mechanics are only wearing overalls, so it isn't hard for them to get rid of their clothes so they can start licking each other's chests and dicks. They seem to enjoy each other quite a bit, and Vincenzo even Rims Floretto well before taking him on! Thebination of smooth skinned Vincenzo and his Very Hairy partner makes for an interestingbination on screen. They certainly seem attracted to each other, and they jump from position to position as they wear each other out on screen.
Then the film finishes up with Fernando Niel's dancepany audition. He gets to James Riviera's house where he meets Marc Bloom and a set of Twins, James Lacroix and Jack Lacroix sitting around in their swimsuits next to the pool. He doesn't have to do much, since Riviera reveals that he already has the part, and James Lacroix leans in to kiss him to show him the benefits of the position. And what benefits there are, as all of the men wind up in a Big Orgy to finish off this fine feature! Even though the Lacroix twins don't do anything with each other, they certainly do everything else. After some wonderful making out, Riviera takes on one of the twins, then the men change places so Riviera can take on Niel again while Bloom gets to take on one of the twins. The scene gets into quite a Fever Pitch, with tops and bottoms changing place, each twin letting the other guys experience a double delight!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:28:26
Video: 608x432, DivX 5, 987kbps
Audio: 78kbps

File size: 694.0 MB

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