Markie, Michael And James

Studio: Active Duty

This time, weve got a very well-rounded, very sexy encounter on our hands and well need every soldier manning his post! Its Markie as the pivot man for James Michael, each of the three bringing wonderfully unique energy to the encounter.
From the gates, Markie and Michael cant keep their hands off each other for long. As soon as the undies come off, Markie is reaching for Michael, and vice versa. I think, perhaps, Markie might have sensed Jamess reluctance here. I know Michael certainly is acquainted with Jamess comfortability levels. But its not long after Markie and Michael get going that James comes right along, just like a sad puppy . James reaches over to Markie, strokes his leg, and Markie returns the affectionate gesture with some sweet attention. From there the boys get into some good, deep sucking. Markie slurps down Michaels fine cock like hed been down in the barracks for days. And at the same time, we see James bobbing on Markies hard dick with some impressive fervor! It was the first real wow moment for me during this interaction.
Its all a lead up to a BIG first for James…taking a hard throbbing cock at each end! Yes troops, were seeing a young soldiers limits pushed back. This is significant ground gained here. James takes Markies dick in his ass while sucking Michaels big dick. He does the best he can to work Michaels cock with his mouth, but after a while, the pounding from Markie becomes too intense. We see that Jamess hole is still very tight. He ends up putting all his energy into enduring the hard pounding from powerful Markie. Look at those goosebumps on Jamess ass while getting fucked! Boy, these are the first encounters James wont ever forget…and neither will these other recruits!
Before they each blow their hot cum loads, they line up on the bed next to each other so they can enjoy watching each other blast. Enjoy the action!

Format: mp4
Duration: 38:18
Video: 960×544, AVC (H.264), 1762kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 537.9 MB

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