Rhett Piledrives Truman

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Rhett has taken to things quite well at CF, and shown us that his southern surfer charm extends to his time spent with some of his fellow CF studs. All around, Rhett’s an easygoing, friendly, and laid-back type of guy and that’s as true as ever while he has Truman eagerly working on his cock with both his mouth and his hole.Mind you, Rhett’s not the type to just lay back and let the other guy do all the work. Since agreeing to give guy/guy action a shot, he’s gotten in to it fully and we see that here as he uses his lips and tongue to slobber all over Truman’s dick. We also see it in how Rhett fucks Truman – feeding off of the noises and expressions Truman makes, ensuring every pump and thrust feels as good for his partner as it does for himself, and piledriving Truman hard and deep. The piledrive position that Rhett pounds Truman in leads to Truman blasting his face with his own load as he cums while getting fucked, at which point Rhett treats Truman’s hole to a load that’s just as big and hot!

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