Recruitment For Firefighters

Studio: French Dudes

We havent seen Kameron Frost in a while, but we caught up with him on his new job. Kameron is now a recruiter for firefighters. On this particular day there was an individual waiting to see Kameron, Gael Gocova. When Kameron called for him, there was no response. So Kameron got up and went into the lobby and we find out why. Gael is Spanish and does not understand French that well and didnt realize that Kameron was calling him. With the interview underway, Kameron likes what he sees and wants to do a peral inspection of this potential new firefighter. Kameron has him remove his jacket and put on the firefighter t-shirt to get a better look at the goods…err, Gaels muscular chest. I think we all approve and Gael passes round one. For round two, Kameron tests his revival skills just to make sure he can give mouth to mouth properly and has Gael suck his dick. Round three, my peral favorite, is when Kameron has Gael strip down. Look at that gorgeous ass on Gael! Oh, and Im sure you noticed those big balls of Gaels. Those things could put out a small fire all on their own (or start one down below). By now, both men know where this is going and more than willing. Gael turns and braces himself on the wall as Kameron slides his fat cock in that lovely ass. All the while Kameron plows Gaels ass we see his cock rocking back and forth. Down on the floor they go and Kameron fucks Gael gy style (his favorite position). After Kameron has hit all the right spots, Gael cant take it much more and they get up and Gael kicks back in the chair with Kameron squatting next to him. Gael strokes himself and blows all over his stomach. Then Kameron adds the ‘Frosting and blows his load. As usual, when Kameron blows, it looks like Old Faithful and Kameron shoots straight up and all over Gaels legs. Youll love the site of these two studs sitting back in their chairs afterwards is sexy as hell with their cock and balls hanging down.

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:54
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 156kbps

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