Latino Fan Club Boogie Down Bronx Boyz

Director Brian Brennan still knows how to crank 'em out, no question. While Boogie Down Bronx Boyz certainly won't win any points in the originality category (the ancient premise of a photoshoot is used yet again), some of these banjee boyz made my pinga go boing-a right from the get-go.

Director Brennan doubles as the photographer putting together a book with the same name as the flick's title, and is out scoping for boyz to shoot. Cover model Jessy (also known as Clover), with his sick-as-shit mad-inking, chiseled face, good bod and thick foreskinned-covered cock, makes quite an impression. After posing for pics, he smacks his piece and blasts a nice load.

Brennan elists the help of Johnny to go out and take pics of "everything that makes the Bronx the Bronx" - meaning, cruise for hot boyz. And he does.

Subsequent scenes include duo Daz and Lucky (replete with subtitles since they mumble so much) that ends in a nice facial, Brennan bringing Jeremiah back for a photoshoot - complete with probably-not-too-legal Madonna tracks filling the background (in the DVD extras Jeremiah fakes out a cumshot by peeing on himself!), Johnny getting nicely fucked, and supercute gym-built Mike getting it on with Domino before E-money joins in for a nice threeway. The bonus footage includes Jeremiah's aforementioned outtake (apparently his solo wasn't going so well), and photoshoots with Midnight and Dolo.

Overall, I'd say these Bronx boyz are worth boogie-downing with.

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