Straight Rent Boys – Jake

Driving to a park, Eddie and I pick up Jake Riley. He's 21, straight and thinking about doing gay porn. He seems to be clean cut, sincere about wanting some work and nice looking. After getting a peak at his cock, Eddie and I figure he's worth a shot. This Straight Rent Boy says, "yes" to heading back to the studio with us and for $200, he'll do a solo.

Chatting in the car, Jake says he's never been with a guy and no one even knows he's doing this. As we drive back in the rain, Eddie breaks the tension with a quip about, "slippery when wet." Once we're inside the studio, Jake takes off his shirt; he has a nice tight body and interesting tattoos, as well as a lip piercing. My partner chimes, "I'd hit it;" ah, Eddie.

As he turns around, shirtless, I ask about his stats: 5'10", 140lbs., size 10 shoes and yep, he's hung. Eddie asks Jake if he is smart; "yeah, I'd like to think so" he answers. When asked about elements in the world, Jake doesn't even hesitate and tells Eddie, "hydrogen is the most common element;" shit, I thought he was here to jack off, but apparently Eddie has "ulterior motives."

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