Josef Rasara – Session Stills – 30-04-2013


Josef Rasara is aged 20 and lives in Petrvald. He works as an operator and in his spare time Josef enjoys sports, fitness and bodybuilding. What a very handsome guy Josef is and with a lovely smile too. That smile comes naturally throughout this shoot. As he poses for the camera, fully dressed he looks great. Things get even better as Roman removes his tee-shirt to show off that awesome chest. The time in the gym has certainly worked for Josef. Opening his jeans he turns and shows off a nice, rounded ass. Then as he turns back we see his cock, flaccid and hooded. With his jeans shucked halfway down those thick thighs Josef flexes his muscles and poses with the biceps bulging. He removes the jeans and poses some more, showing off his great body. Next Josef kneels to show us his hot ass with a nice hairy crack. Sitting, Josef gets his cock rock hard for us and what a beauty it is. After a series of poses to fully show it off Josef leans back to expose his hot, tight ass hole, with the cheeks fully spread. Another great view. What a hot guy Josef is, I am sure his erotic video will be worth waiting for.

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