Ravi Keen 720p

Cast: Ravi Keen
Genres: anal, bareback, chub

Study Cubby
Back to school this month for a lot of guys. It can be really hard to study when your classmates are distracting you. As was the case with Ravi Keen a freshman at Miami Dade who asked me to help him study for our next exam. I could tell he was nervous, but I didn't know he had a little crush on me. This 18 year old nerd had some real cajones because he reached over and started going down on me halfway through the study guide. I don't usually like long hair on a guy, but when I can use it to really command a little fuck boy, I tend to enjoy it more. For a young guy, Ravi takes my dick with very little trouble and almost no lube. I had to knock him up, and mark my territory. There will be other tests, I"m sure he will be back over to study again this term.

Slutty Cub & the 3 "Bears"
For a younger guy Ravi Keen is a kinky fucker. He started telling me stories about camping trips where he was fisted and getting gang banged by 20 guys on a picnic table. When I was his age, I could barely put a 3way together. So I talked to Valentino and Rickey, and we decided to hog tie this piglet, tear up his ass, and drench him in our DNA. So after a bit of a suck fest, we tied the boy up and started sticking our little pig. He loved every thrust. We slapped him around, smacked his balls, worked his nipples, and straight up smashed his boy cunt. We each took turns flooding Ravi's hole with our juices until he too popped off a big load

Total size: 1.2 GB in 2 files.

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