Cody Cachet and Max Henri

Cody Cachet and Max Henri hook up for a real stretching on. Both very, "tactile," their hands and mouths are quickly busy; Cody's uber thick cock is quite the "throat scratcher" Max hoped for. Eagerly, Cody asks, "you want this in your ass?" After the "rhetorical question," Cody spends a few minutes on Max's cock before turning the bottom over to "toss" what he came for. Burying his tongue deep, the top then shoves in, what he can of his girthy cock, and thrusts fully. On his stomach, Max clenches his toes, spreads his legs and opens; the moans indicate Cody is about to get a few more inches in. Switching to a riding position, Max gets the award for an "ass-ume" bottom as he slides down like a pro, or at least a boy with a "pro-state." In "high" gear, as the bed would indicate, the top takes over, puts the bottom on his back and gets in a full creamy pounding before Cody pulls out most of his cock and unloads onto the bottom's hole and taint; he works the glaze then pushes back in. Satisfied with the "gauged winker," the two kiss.

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GayHoopla – Channing Rodd, Andre Willis and Travis Youth

Studio: GayHoopla
Cast: Channing Rodd, Andre Willis, Travis Youth
Genres: anal, assfucking, blowjob, cumeating, gay, fucking, hunks, oral, porn, rimming, sex, sucking, twinks

Channing Rodd train fucks Andre Willis and Travis Youth. A few boys decided to have sex, but after all, everything started happily and eventually ended up with the fact that our guys were sucking pussy and fucking ass. These guys are desperate, suck each other very tasty and in the anus are poking their fucking.

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Donnie Argento fucks Cazden Hunter’s asshole 720p

Cast: Donnie Argento, Cazden Hunter
Genres: anal, oral, hunks, bareback, hairy, muscular

Donnie Argento came to fuck Cazden Hunter. They dance together for tips in the local clubs and they never had sex - until now. There was palpable lust in the room from weeks of pent up need to fuck! Donnie swoops down on Hunter and gets the boy onto his knees to suck his super hard cock

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Big Dick Newcomer Jayden Marcos Jerks Off

Release Year: 2019
Cast: Jayden Marcos
Genres: Big Dick, Cumshot, Dildo, Fingering, Interview, Masturbation, Muscles, Solo, Tattoos.
Video language: German

lights up that gorgeous smile and you lock eyes with handsome Jayden, there's no going back.
Enjoy an extended interview to give you an opportunity to learn all about young Jayden and what his dreams and aspirations are in life. We'll tell you this... he's an open-minded stud that believes variety is the of life! The experiences you have are what mold you in to who you are.
A very wise statement from such a young man! Thanks for sharing yourself (and your cock) with us Jayden! We can't wait to ride along with you on this journey we call life!

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Travis Jackhammers Zeb 1080p

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

Este estúdio está muito animado para apresentar a nossa mais recente joia. Prepare-se para um dos galos mais longos do mercado!

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Alejandro Fusco & Aarin Asker

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Aarin Asker Alejandro Fusco
Genres: Aarin Asker Alejandro Fusco

Alejandro Fusco finds Aarin Asker blindfolded, ass up, and waiting for some dick. He takes control of the sexy stud, feeds him his big, uncut cock, and fucks his load deep into the bottom's fuck-sloppy hole.

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Bareback Sexplosion Part 2 – Jack Cool, Miky Krejin, Randy Young

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Jack Cool, Miky Krejin, Randy Young, Martin Corvin, Nicholas Kimmy, Mikey Dragon, Simon Pronger
Genres: Bareback, Twinks, , Smooth, Toned, Oral, Rimming, Cumshots
Video language: English

Mike, Miky Krejin and Randy Young are playing Football, then its turns into a bareback threesome. More wood is needed for the wood burning stove. Martin Corvin and Nicholas Kimmy get wood of their own with each other. Afternoon delight for Simon Pronger and Tack Cool. Solo masturbation scene with Miky Krejin. Mike and Mikey Dragon do have a “Bareback Sexplosion.”

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Austin & The Tailor – Chapter 1 – The Tailor

Release Year: 2019
Studio: FunSizeBoys
Cast: Austin & The Tailor
Genres: big dick, hard, muscle, gay
Video language: English

Austin always has trouble finding clothes that fit. Usually he can just pop into the kid’s section of a clothing store to find the sizes he needs... But the more specific the items he needs, the more he needs to get things specially made. When it came time for Austin to get ready for a formal school event, he had to go and get fitted for tux.

After a lot of searching, he found a good tailor who could measure him up and find something that would suit him without being too juvenile. Mr. Steele had a good reputation online and was fairly close by.

When Austin entered his shop, he was immediately taken with how handsome he was. He looked more like a movie star than a local tailor! He had piercing grey eyes, a strong jaw, and a trimmed, white beard to compliment his silver hair. Even in his white dress shirt, it was apparent just how fit and lean he was. Austin was stunned at just how big his hands were; when he shook his hand, it easily wrapped around his. Even with all that, Austin felt his heart race over one simple fact… The man was a giant! He must have been 6’4” or so, a solid foot taller than Austin.

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Duration: 29:33
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BMason – Buff Straight Guy Max In The Bathroom

Studio: BlakeMason

Scottish lad Max has a lot going on, not just in his personal and professional life either. He's handsome, pretty buff too, and he has a totally delicious uncut 8 inch cock that any guy would love to get sucking on and taking for a ride.

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Lorenzo 720p

I found Lorenzo in an alley waiting on a friend and I was stoked by this stud. He was hesitant when I offered him some cash to flash his bare chest, but he soon changed his mind. It was just a matter of time before I got him to follow me back to a motel room for some privacy. With a little convincing, he was jerking off his thick cock while playing with his nipples before getting on his knees and sucking me off so I could pump his str8, muscled ass and cream on his face.

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James Dawn & Lorenzo

Release Year: 2019
Studio: ChaosMen

They slide a butt-plug into James’s ass, and James begins fucking Lorenzo, ramping up to cum. Just before he cums, the plug flies out as James’s ass expanded and contracted in the throws of orgasm. James dumps a huge load onto Lorenzo’s hole, then spears him with his big uncut cock, using his own cum as lube to penetrate Lorenzo.

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Super Bondage – sm Best From Extra Legend Disc- pt.1 of 2

Release Year: 2018
Studio: Coat Company
Genres: Asian, Twinks, BDSM, Anal / Oral Sex, Bondage, Waxing, Spanking, Toy, Finfering, Enema, Blowjob, Group, Handjob, Masturbation, Cumshots

1. "Precious" Bondage hanging, candle, whip, 5 syringes of milk enema ... Red swollen butt, Resounding screaming ... SM forgiveness SM is the coming of Basara! ?
2. "male body undress." / Bingo bondage, hanging, candle, whip, whistling, laundry bite, gun digging with plastic tape & wrap restraint, and mass milk enema of 3 meter jet ...! Screaming to the fullest, sore throat that is dripping while shedding, skin that swells red, moist eyes ...! Does not merciless devil SM exceed Basara! ?
3. "Pedestrian victory / Wataru" Bondage, candles, whips, electric massage, cancer digging in restraint, and mass milk enema of 3 meter jets ...! White skin turns red while fleeing with big screaming ...!
4. "Precious": Bondage gun digging, candles, whips, whistlings ... a sorrowful screaming! The skin that swells reddish with red eyes dripping away and tears away ... Still digging to the head digged Iki & oral ejaculation! Even if I let it go, I made him to juice water and stepped on it ... a white brief of humiliation leak incontinence!
5. "Precious huge cries of the limit! Bondage gun digging, candles, whips, laundering blame, water bash poured down with a whistle ...!

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Jay Landford shows Justin Owen how to take his first black cock

Release Year: 2014
Studio: RandyBlue
Cast: Justin Owen, Jay Landford
Genres: Anal/Oral, Ass Play, BTS, Cumshots, Interracial, Kissing, Interview, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Uncut.

Description: Jay Landford was crushing out hard on Justin Owen. And how could you not. The boy looks straight out of the pages of teen beat magazine. What Jay was not expecting was bisexual Justin, to crush right back on him. The two were flirting hardcore in the gym and when Jay gave Justin a spot, Justin noticed Jay had his cock dangling in his face. This led to some hot interracial fucking. Justin got his first taste of black cock and he cannot get enough of it. These two hot nude men began to suck and rim and finally Jay put a condom on his ebony cock and shoved it deep inside of Justin, filling up his boy hole. Justin took it doggy style and then rode it like a cowboy. Finally he got on his back and let Jay fuck the cum out of him. Then Jay nutted right in his mouth. After some hot snowballing, these boys were exhausted. And your hand will be exhausted too after watching this hot hardcore hd porn video. Be sure to check out all of the free gay porn pics of the scene in our photo section here at Randy Blue.Jay had a little sparkle in his eye when he arrived on set. He took one look at bisexual cutie, Justin Owen, and he was smitten. Justin has a habit of making the gay guys he does scenes with fall in love with him. And so far, he looks to be undefeated. Justin informed me that he was especially excited for the shoot today, as he had never been with a black man before. The two of them went to the gym and started to work out. They began exchanging work out tips, and admiring each other and their physiques. The flirting between these two was undeniable and I decided to shoot the scene right there at the gym. Justin asked Jay for a spot on the bench press. The short gym trunk Jay was wearing was not enough to contain that ebony monster in his pants. As Justin did a few reps he saw that cock just mere inches from his face. He called Jay out, and Jay apologized, but before he could put it back in pants, Justin grabbed it and told him that it was okay. Justin then got face fucked right there on the bench press. Then Jay turned around and fed him his ass. Justin loved rimming Jay so much that he pulled out his own rock hard dick. Then both continued to suck and rim each other, while making out in between. Their kissing was passionate. And Justin, who was used to guys falling for him, started to swoon under the spell of Mr. Landford. Finally Jay bent Justin over and shoved his cock deep inside of him. Justin got his first taste of black dick, and he never wanted it to end. He rode it, and then finally laid on his back so Jay could fuck the cum out of him. Jay licked up his cum and snowballed Justin. Then Jay pulled out and nutted all over Justin. Justin ate it all down. This is the hottest interracial gay porn you are ever going to see. Be sure to check out the free gay porn trailer here at Randy Blue.

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Vegas Hustle Episode 2, Star Struck (Brent Corrigan and Chris Harder) Hd

Studio: Naked Sword

At the end of his performance at the Hustlaball, sexy go-go stud Chris Harder heads to the dressing room and comes face-to-face with his porn-crush, Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan! Brent compliments Chris on his show but the real show is about to begin. Chris gets down to worship Brents fat cock then stands up and fucks the superstars face. Brent takes charge by turning the Chris over, licking his hole and fucking his ass hard. The intense session seems to last for hours ending with Brent feeding his load to his #1 fan. In a daze, Chris wonders if the whole thing was a dream, but a message scrawled on the bathroom mirror proves it was true.

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Duration: 25:25
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Ryan De Costa

Release Year: 2013
Studio: BlakeMason
Cast: Ryan De Costa
Genres: Young Men
Video language: English

Nobody will make you as pleased as you can do for yourself. It is by this principle that this guy lives. He does pleasure to himself and is glad of it.

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MundoMais File

Filé estreou no Garoto Mais em Dezembro de 2017 e agora está de volta neste vídeo solo para presentear seus fãs que votaram nele na enquete Melhores do ano 2017.

Ele é paulista, tem 30 anos e é signo de peixes.

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Alex Meyer & Chris Star

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

Alex Meyer is back at the studio in his continuing quest for cock! As he says, he's on the prowl! Alex Meyer is a mean and lean sex machine. And, his dick is big and bold! Hopefully, Alex will get to put that monster to good use today!

Chris Star is this week's straight guy and he's a young, hung, and full of cum, Latino! Chris is shy and on the quiet side but he does have a dirty mind. He tell Caruso that he's never fucked a girl in the ass before but he has always wanted to. Today, he's hoping that his dream will come true!

Caruso sticks to the usual plan as he tells both guys to get hard and prove that they can stay hard and then he'll bring in the girl. Once again, he returned with bad news... no girl will be showing up today because she decided to flake out on everyone. But, Caruso throws out another offer... if both guys will have sex with each other then he will pay them double the money. Chris thought about it for a second and then he said he would do it! Caruso was shocked that he answered so quickly but he didn't want to give Chris time to change his mind so he instructed both guys to get started and have some fun!

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Duration: 28:17
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Jock Tease

Release Year: 2008
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: David Dakota, Shawn Hunter, Aaron James, Lucas Knowles, Derrick Long, Mason Ross, Jack Ryan, Zackary Ryan, Brent Steele, Chris Thomas, William West, Dylan Wood
Genres: Big Cocks, Oral Sex, Orgies

Jock Tease sequel to the popular 2007 Cock Tease. The film involved athletes from different sports : football, basketball, wrestling . There is nothing that gets as testosterone vacant after the game !
Jock Tease is a sequel to the popular 2007 Chris Steele release Cock Tease! The movie features 12 hot studs in 5 sex scenes and stars Jet Set Exclusives Aaron James, Dylan Wood and introducing Jet Set Exclusive David Dakota. Inspired by the new trend in reality TV shows, Jock Tease is a new twist onpetition between the players of almost every big sport you can imagine - football, baseball, wrestling, soccer and basketball. Are these guys ball players or what? Director Steele sends you on a sucking and fucking foray into the showers and lockerrooms. Check out all the grab ass fun! Nothing like relieving all that excitement and surging testosterone from the game!

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Bare On Air

Studio: Vimpex BadLadz Tainted Twinx

13 Boys talk with Radio Blue Line about their first sexual adventure. Massive cocks sliding in sweet holes. Kissing and sucking, rimminn, fucking, sperm eating.

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Trashy British horny

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Big Cock, Blow Job, Bareback, Anal Sex, Jerk Off, Cum Shot
Video language: English

Indeed, this is a boy who must think he’s arrived in Nirvana by the time (not long afterwards) that he’s got Smid and Reed’s dicks in each hand – a feeling that surely only intensify when the two hosts take it in turns to suck his dick, before turning their tongue-probing attention to his tight, hairless ass-hole. By this point, of course, it’s pretty fucking obvious that both Reed and Smid are gonna want to take it in turns to plough into that hungry little pucker – as indeed soon proves to be the case.

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Get Some

Studio: Hard Friction, Raging Stallion Studios

Delivering more of what dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond do best on the Hard Friction set, Get Some brings the hottest guys together, gets their chemistry firing and lets you watch as their passion explodes! Eight incredibly sexy guys are paired up, showing off their amazing bodies, hot asses and big cocks. The sexual drives as these guys get – and give – some serious kissing, sucking. rimming and fucking action. Every moment is captured up close, in per from the first kiss to every sticky finish. If hot, hung, sexy guys passionately fucking is your thing, then you better Get Some!

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BareTwinks – Two Hot Boys and a Bed! (Andy Kay, Sean Mann)

Sean breaks into the porn biz with this sexy video with super hot emo twink, Andy Kay. He and Andy move all over the room, pleasuring each other along the way, with some hot jerking and cock sucking. Then Sean puts his long dick to good use fucking Andy harder and harder, making Andy cum all over his chest.

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My Anus Turns Out So Sensual – Yuya

Release Year: 2013
Video language: Japanese

1. どっぷり中出し !
その生チンポにネットリ絡みつく肛門と挿入部丸見えの超猥褻中出し本格 !

2. 尻穴丸見えフェラ!

3. 強制フェラ!

4. 男vs女。

5. 兜合わせイキ!

6. 生掘りモロ感アナル !
雄穴の奥の奥まで堀り込みながら優弥と同時に感じる最高のアナル に超大量射精!


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French Dudes – Fat Cock and Glory Hole

Release Year: 2019
Studio: French Dudes
Cast: Diego Arroyo, Mathieu Lafitte
Genres: anal, blowjob, condoms, facial, foreskin, french, gay, gloryhole, hunks, oral, porn, safesex, uncut

All guys like glory holes. A good way to suck cock from unknown guys. And if the cocks have the right size is even better. Mathieu Lafitte is lucky today, he found a huge dick and intends to enjoy a maximum, both in the mouth and in the ass.

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Dick It In

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Alex Andrews, Billy Heights, Brody Wilde, Chaz Riley, Drake Jayden, Girth Brooks, Jacob Durham, Mick Gibson, Mike DeMarco, Ricky Sinz, Ryan Lynch
Genres: Big dicks, Group sex, Young mens

New from Jet Set Men featuring big dicks, jocks, muscle studs, men in uniform and hot jocks riding dildo's in public bathrooms. Whether you like hot hairy daddies like super thick hung Girth Brooks or power fuck studs like
Ricky Sinz and Mike DeMarko you'll love this new collection of 6 XXX scenes from Jet Set Men's premium library. Starring Jet Set Exclusive Billy Heights with 10 hot horny studs in 6 cum drenched fuck scenes. This collection is
a must have for any porn lover.

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Austin & The Recruiter – Chapter 1 – Recruiter’s Office – Evaluation

Release Year: 2019
Studio: FunSizeBoys
Cast: Austin & The Recruiter
Genres: big dick, hard, muscle, gay
Video language: English

Austin is a growing boy and looking forward to his future. Naturally, he weighs his many different options... A new job, college, even maybe even military service. When he meets Brian, a recruiter who visited his school, he’s all the more intrigued!

Brian is tall... Exceptionally tall! Austin’s getting better at assessing people’s height, and based on his leg length, he had to be about 6’6”. Austin knows it’s just a number, but the thought of Brian being so much bigger made him willing to be alone with him for an evaluation.

Brian brought him into his office, preparing the usual paperwork that comes from a new potential recruit. Stripping Austin down, Brian took his measuring tape out and began writing down his various stats. Brian sees all different types of men all day; from the extremely athletic, to the very inactive… One thing he can’t deny is the feeling of power it gives him to see a smaller guy up on his stool, yielding to his authority, and making him feel like the big man in charge!

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:31
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Best submissive bottom

Release Year: 2015
Cast: Antonio Biaggi, Dayton O’ Connor, Jessy Karson, Colton Carbone, Saxon West, Armond Rizzo, Dominic Sol, Kyle Braun, Jay Brix
Genres: Bareback, Anal, Oral, Rough Sex, Cumshots
Video language: English

Dark Alley puts together a collection of scenes featuring rough and ready big-dicked tops completely tearing apart and devouring submissive bottom fuck toys.

Format: mp4
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