Marvel Gay

The collection of comics - Marvel Gay is submitted to your attention.
Type: Misc, Comix, Hentai, HCG
Censorship: No
Genre: Bukkake, Gore, Gay, 3D
Language: English
Language: Spanish
Language: Japanese
Permission of pages: 300*300 - 3296*5024
Format: JPG, PNG

File size: 544.5 MB

Ulf Raynor’ 3D Art

Release Year: 2009

Elastic, muscular bodies, mostly naked, mostly kulturistskogo type, mainly engaged in male sex without snot. Early work a little rough, but the last few years a very productive and qualitative. Yes there describe - watch it!

Extras. Information: More than 1000 digital pictures, sorted by year and by subject, tracking file structure UlfFanClub (so there repeats). The most complete collection of works by Ulf on 01 August 2009 (as Ulf continues to work in this genre and more).Format jpg, screen resolution (width dimension from 400 to 1000 pixels and 800 to 400 in height). The exception is section Animations, composed of animated images. Gif. For ease of reference pictures are packed in archives. Zip

Accompanying text. Some series of pictures are illustrations for gay-fiction (Buddy System, Dangerous Marine, Proteus, Nightshift). In this case, the text in the attached format. Doc,. Pdf or. Txt, the authorship of which, of course, no longer belongs to the artist. Several tables of contents contain pictures except short info.txt files with explanations (for example, about the alias Cerrin, under which Ulf released his work is fantasy).

Bonus. By the collection of works by Ulf attached gallery "congenial" artists, which is placed in the TOC 3D-Art-by-other-artists. It makes sense to pay attention to the work of the late Greasy Tank'a and action McPhee.

File size: 932.5 MB

3D Art by Blondbear

The collection 3D drawings of the artist of Blondbear is submitted to your attention.
Type: Drawings
Format: JPG
Quantity of a material: 6 folders, 374 drawings
Country: USA
Genre: oral, anal, solo, bear, SM, fantasy

File size: 85.4 MB

Macho Type MegaPack

Release Year: 2010

Format: JPG
The amount of material: 12 magazines, 91 comics, 1765 pages
Country: JAP
Genre: anal, oral, bara
Hyogo Kijima
Tsukasa Matsuzaki
Takeshi Matsu
Gengoroh Tagame
Inaki Matsumoto
Hiromi Miyoshi
Gai Mizuki
Monaka Natsuo
Macho type # 1 - 10 comics

File size: 1.1 GB

Haru wo Daite Ita

Format: jpg, png.
The amount of material: 13 volumes
Country: JAP
Language: Russian
Genre: Yaoi

Preparing filming the infamous book about homosexual love "in their palms he kept the spring." Her characters are tired of corrupt sex porn and are looking for their real "half." The main role in the movie are tried two porn stars - Keske Iwaki and Kato Yoji. They both want to get out of its very specific sphere of cinema.

They understand that this opportunity should be used, at any cost. A place for a decisive battle for the role they will be the most familiar to both double arena - the author wants to know who will be effectively and convincingly in hot sex scenes ...

One of the longest (if it is taken into account that the author does not alter his characters and does not introduce side stories), frank and sentimental yaoynyh manga. Umelitsy Yoko Nitta able to combine with undisguised lust most touching romance.

File size: 549.8 MB

A selection of photos of MEN who inspire A-Z Part 2

Release Year: 2011

Format: JPG
Resolution: 768x1024
The amount of material: 386 folders, 10629 photos
Country: USA, UK
Genre: Body Builders, Hunks, Studs, Twinks, Porn Stars

Photo sets of young, mature and slightly overripe males. Highly artistic photos that inspire men. Sexual krasavtsy.Sredi them many porn stars of yesteryear.

File size: 1.9 GB

QXMEN Magazine №93

Release Year: 2014

Magazine for gay men who are interested in porn. The wealth of information: news from the world porn, articles, photos, interviews pornostarov ... Each room on the fold - pornostar's (in this room on the cover Darius Ferdynand, turn - Brad Fitt). See, read, have fun ...

File size: 11.6 MB


Below there are a collection of comics from the author of Tagame.
Year: 2009 - 2014
Type of distribution: Comics / Manga
Format: JPG, PNG
The amount of material: 31 comics, one clip, 2025 figures
Country: JAP
Genre: bara

File size: 1.1 GB

A selection of photos of MEN who inspire A-Z

Format: JPG
The amount of material: 332 folders, 9552 photos
Country: United States
Genre: Body Builders, Hunks, Studs, Twinks, Porn Stars

Photosets young, mature and slightly overripe males.
Photos with high resolution (768 * 1024) mainly from: "men", "unzipped", "freshmen" but even those times when they do not spoil their logos.
Especially note the quality of the picture: the highest artistic level. Ceychas these do not ...

File size: 2.2 GB

AlexBoys Pics MegaPack

Resolution: from 900x676 to 1024x768
Format: JPEG
Quantity: 233 folders, 31,291 photos
Additional Information: In the archive folders and Frederic Randy invested small rollers.

AlexBoys is your source for sweet, smooth and sexy 18+ Teenboys.
They're all happy, good looking and have great fun being sexual for you.
You'll see them showing off and masturbate or having sex with each other.

File size: 3.1 GB

Manhandled Pics MegaPack

Men who aren't afraid to get down 'n' dirty. Dominant guys taking their pleasures: face-fucking, gagging, drooling, kissing, rough play, and bondage. Verbal tops keeping their submissive bottoms in line. Fucking hard, playing hard and pushing the limits. 30 sets, 3281 picture.

File size: 729.9 MB

Tagame 2014

Release Year: 2014

Format: JPG, PNG
The amount of material: comic 6, 124 pages
Country: JAP
Genre: bara

Description: Build beautiful pictures and comic books for men. Download and enjoy!

File size: 73.7 MB

Collection of Gay comics Gengoroh Tagame

Release Year: 2012

Gengoroh Tagame (1964 – ) is a gay cartoonist, erotic artist and a leader of Japanese gay art. He completed a graphic design course at Tama art university. After experience as an art director and a graphic designer, he started a serialization of gay manga and a novel in the magazine Sabu. He is a gay art specialist who has announced himself to be gay, something that’s quite rare in Japan. In recent years, he has energetically engaged in collecting resources and depicting the history of Japanese gay erotic art that has emerged since the end of the 1950s. His artworks have a high reputation in Japan and abroad. Foreign language versions of his works have also been published by French publishers.

1. The Confession - The story of a charming criminal (Yakuza) and police inspector.

2. Badi-story about going to the theater, with the unexpected ending

3. The nonulcer dyspepsia - The story of the mysterious name of the two men met on a bench in the park, of course, all over anal sex.

4. Eclosion-Another story with "Japanese" name. About inhuman experiments in Japanese prisons.

5. The Army of Fallen Tears - "You signed up as a volunteer?" But a small Japanese boy enrolled, how it all ended, see for yourself.

6. The puppet master - Comic about how to be a little bad.

7. Virtus - (6 comics) In ancient Rome, a trainee gladiator, Gaius, is by a champion gladiator, Crescens, and vows revenge for his humiliation. It is a story of the love, the hatred, and the destinies of these two enslaved gladiators.

8. The Vast Snow Field - (3 comics)
During the Russo-Japanese War, a white-bearded lieutenant general and the leader of the mounted bandits make love to one another: a short, benign piece about a big, old bear and his boy.

9. The Pillory - for a crime should be punished. This story about the brutal punishment in medieval Europe.

10. Pimp pimp-Stern teaches beginner.

11. A Boy in Hell - (3 comics) Boy in the power of the local feudal lord.

12. A Father and Son in Hell - (6 comics) The story of an ill-feudal lords. To the guy joins his father.

13. South Island Prison Camp - (45 episodes - full version!)
Uprashivet prisoner warden to give him medicine to save his younger brother. Boss agrees, but on one condition ...

14. Jinchiku Mugai-And that was, if not the people rode horses, and vice versa?

15. Oeyama - (in Russian!)

16. Flying Dutchman

17. The house of the brutes

18. Desert Dungeon
19. Inaka Isha
20. Nagamochi no Naka
21. Pochi - Compulsion
22. ACTINIA (man-cunt)
23. Lover Boy
24. Flying Dutchman
25. Standing Ovation
26. The Winter Fisherman Lodge
27. Add Tsubasa
28. Company Slave Elegy
29. Enslaved in Unknown World
30. End line
31. Monster hunt show

Language: Japanese, Russian
Comics 31, 2025 figures

File size: 1.0 GB