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Most boys are simple when they need to get their cum pumped out, they haul out their cock and give it some strokes and that's it. Then there are adorable boys like Connor who really know how to pleasure themselves the right way. See the handsome young man revealing his big cock, stroking with some lube, then sliding a smooth glass toy into his perfect little hole! It's a sensual and sticky performance that every guy out there will want to play along with!

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Sperminator Vol. 2

Studio: 3rd world video

Jack Cummings has always been a true master of auto-erotic cock worship. His private rituals of intense self-arousal and his ability to control and then pump more sperm than youve ever seen one guy do was evident in his first video, Sperminator. In his second video, we see all that and thensome. He gobbles up every drop of scores of hot loads, shooting big spurts of it into his open, waiting mouth. Plus.. something he has never done before and always fantasized about, is to finally be cum-drenched by a group of other guys all shooting a hot wad over him. Hey, it had to happen sooner or later!

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Thugs Stroke It Alone

Studio: Blue Balls Productions

These thugs go solo on the down low! They take matters into their own hands and beat it off and choke the chicken in all alone action that is guaranteed to excite and delight!

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Duration: 1:24:33
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Release Year: 2015
Video language: English

Hello! Whats up you guys??? So I wanted to share a little bit about my life with all you sexy cats out there so you know who I am. I was adopted from Romania when I was 7 years old and brought to America. I have some burns that I sustained while in Romania. I struggled through elementary and middle school but found myself in high school!

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Young, Hard and Solo Vol. 22

Studio: Club 1821

Young men with fresh faces, firm bodies, big cocks and low hangers. Curious? Stroke it til it squirts with five smooth, young hardbodies in steamy hot solo and duo jack-off action. The seriously hot and the seriously smooth n young stroke it on-camera for your pleasure. All breathtaking close-ups as well as provocative camera angles, simply and beautifully photographed by award-winning director Brad Posey.

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Turkish Cum Guns

Release Year: 2003
Studio: turkish-boys.com
Cast: Kadir Christos Nihat Tayfun Ferhat Metin Mahmut Alyia (m) Safak Nicolas Essler Mustafa Jonni Ahmed Hakan Aladin Cem Ali (II) Recip Atakan
Genres: Cumshot Euro Masturbation International
Video language: English

We have time for Turks.....slip cream. Cut cocks need spittle or lubricant, so it slips better. 18 Turks show their hot bodies and also what you can do with them. The film is about scenes in which the guys also show where they like to have it. Hairy asses, cut cocks and these faces. Not only for lovers of Turkish guys.

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Türkish Cum Guns 1

Release Year: 2003
Studio: turkish-boys.com

Description:We have time for Turks.....slip cream. Cut cocks need spittle or lubricant, so it slips better. 18 Turks show their hot bodies and also what you can do with them. The film is about scenes in which the guys also show where they like to have it. Hairy asses, cut cocks and these faces. Not only for lovers of Turkish guys.

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10 Plus

Studio: Stryker Productions

Each of these fantasy men take you into their own world and show you theyre a 10 Plus in every way. The hottest men, the most erotic fantasies... let them show you 10 Plus until youre totally satisfied. Jeff Strykers best solo available.

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Wade Clark Jerks Off (720p,1080p)

Genres: Solo, Masturbation, Jerking Off, Slim, Lean, Tattoos

Wade Clark kicks back on our bed and slowly strokes his cock. With every stroke his dick rises to the occasion. His young hairy legs are spread as he plays with his hard dick showing us every inch he has to offer. Wade's cock is nice and hard as he stands up so Claude can get an underneath shot of his shaft as his hand glides up and down. He lies back down on the bed with his legs spread so we get a peek of his tight pink hole. Wade continues to stroke his cock and without warning he cums on himself leaving a thick creamy load dripping down his side.

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James Dixon

Studio: Blake Mason

James gave in to pressure on Twitter and arrived for an interview and wank. Of course someone knew what he was packing and wanted him to share it with the world, and we have to be thankful for that! He has an amazing cock, and as a versatile guy hes experienced with using it on horny bottoms too. Enjoy his first video, and stay tuned for more!

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Duration: 20:35
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British Rugby Studs

Studio: Triga

Take a group of brawny solo British Rugby Studs, get them to strip down from their sweaty jocks and muddy kit and underneath youll see that these fellas balls arent oddly shaped as the rumor goes, theyre just full of pent up spunk thats ready to shoot!
The seven British Rugby Studs are toned and muscled, well built straight blokes, we found them whilst they had fuckin pussy on their mind, and filmed them whilst they tossed off their built up aggression.

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Duration: 1:33:36
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Hangin Out

Studio: Colt Studio

Colt welcomes you to the thirty-first entry of the Minute Man Solo Series entitled Hangin Out. The iconic studio that continues to set the standard for high-quality male solo movies serves you with critically-acclaimed directors John Rutherford and Kristofer Weston, along with three of Colt Studios all-natural super studs. Colt continues to raise the bar for the ultimate in hot, voyeuristic, manly action. Hangin Out introduces Jasper Van Dean (cover man) along with Ricky Parks and Vic Rocco on their very first audition with the award-winning Colt Studio production team. Dont miss these three super-hot Colt Studio studs, up close and personal, and for your eyes only! See them pose, flirt, and stroke giving you your own private show.

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Vasily Shepelin Aka Jasper Van Dean

Studio: Musclehunks

Jasper Van Dean aka: Vasily Shepelin and Vaskil Shrklov is a Russian Muscle Fitness model, doing porn for gaysites in the net... he is straight, married with ren, a Hunk of a man just the same...

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Duration: 42:49
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Josh Milk

Studio: Uk Naked Men

Great solo scene of Brit Josh Milk, showing off, fingering and playing with a dildo.

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Duration: 18:41
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Skin Torpedoes

Studio: Fox Studio

Gym bunny studs indulge in their own perfectly muscled bodies in this collection of horny jerk off sessions from Fox Studio! Packed full of deliciously pumped studs from across the world including Jeff York, Jimmy Pike, Keith Dyson, Lou Kruze, Matt Powers, Reed Davidge and Tom Bolden!! Watch them flex and tense their rippling torsos and meaty thighs as they jerk their thick, throbbing lengths before coating their huge, athletic bodies with copious amounts of cum!

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Brady Hansen Solo Toys

Studio: Chaosmen

I have been holding onto this video just for this marathon. I figure with the giant dildo Brady is using in this video and photos, it would fit perfectly with the Extra Giblets Butt Stuffing holiday marathon!
Brady is a power bottom, who loves big toys inside him. He is a stocky guy, who is into a touch of leather, furry, and dominant men. He loves them with bit of day-old gym workout odor to them. Sniiiiiiffff!
We went through the toy box to see what he could handle and he immediately latched onto this super-sized alien-esque dildo. As soon as he got naked he had up in him. He knows his own body and having that giant toy planted up his hole had him hard in no time!
He takes a break from it to showcase his 8.5 inch cock, while watching a ChaosMen video.
The toy goes back in for some gy style in-and-out action! If you love guys who can really stretch-out their butt hole, you will love seeing this otter grinding on his new toy!

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Franco Ferrara

Studio: Musclehunks

Franco Ferraro is featured on stage in the Mr. Santos Naba Brasil contest and we get a good look at his powerfully-built and well-oiled body. Franco flexes and poses and shows off all his hours of hard work. Then he returns to his hotel suite to give us a more private and intimate show in all his naked glory. He sits back on his bed with his thickly-muscled legs spread wide and he worships his manhood. He heads into a hot shower to keep things moving towards their steamy conclusion.

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Splashed With His Own Cum – Cooper Reeves

Studio: Jizzaddiction

Cooper gets so horny when hes enjoying his own cock in a jack off that he often unloads his wad all over himself. You know, some boys let that cum go to waste, pumping it into something, but not this horny twink! When his body is tight and his cock throbbing he gets into position, aims his dick and pumps streaks of hot semen out over his face!

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Gay Twink Preston Cole Jerks Off His Massive Cock

Studio: RandyBlue

Sometimes when you hear the word twink, you think small. But there is nothing small about young and smooth 20 year old Preston Cole. This man is packing one of the biggest uncut cocks I have ever seen. Preston has has an editorial look that could land him a job as a runway model. But luckily he has decided to grace Randy Blue with hot body in full HD glory. When he stripped off his clothes, he only had a jock strop on underneath. He turned around and showed off one hell of an ass. Then he bent right over and slipped a finger deep inside. Preston admitted that even though he is well endowed, there is nothing he loves more than getting fucked. And when he stood up and unleashed the dick from his jock, every bottom in the world started to cry. Because this self proclaimed catcher has one of the most beautiful dicks in the world. It is long and thick and uncut and fucking hard as a rock. A lot of times guys with dicks that big, can never get fully hard. But not Preston. His cock stood at full attention as he began to stroke it. And it did not go down until he shot a hot white load all over his belly.Preston Cole is the man you have been waiting for. Tight and lean swimmers build with taut muscles and a hot bubble butt that loves to get fucked. And to top it all off, this guy has a huge uncut cock that will keep a village of hungry homos fed for months. Seriously, this guy has the whole package. Hot face, tight body, a round juicy ass and a first class membership to the big dick society. Watch Preston moan out in delight as he finger fucks his nice tight hole in a sweaty jock. Then watch this hunk pull out his gigantic dick and get it fucking rock hard. This black haired, blue eyed hunk of man jerks off in every position he can until he unleashes a hot geyser of white cum all over his tight abs.

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Duration: 19:50
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Kissing My Willy

Studio: Hornyboy

Its bedtime for Sam but his friend Willy really wants to play. Sam always gives in to his Willy, so instead of going to sleep he strips off his clothes and beds himself. Willy says suck me so Sam goes for it and bends down from a sitting position and graciously sucks his own dick. Lucky Sam is so flexible that he can kiss his own Willy good night!

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:03
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Handsome Lex Gets Wet And Sticky – Lex Lane

Studio: Pisstwinks

Handsome bad boy Lex has stopped by to show off and enjoy his cock, and he starts things off laying back and relaxing, flooding hot piss out of his cock and all over his fit young body. The inked guy loves the kinky play, but he needs to get a cum load out too, jacking himself off until the semen pumps out over his wet stomach. Cleaning the pipe with another piss stream for us to enjoy is the perfect ending.

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Dylan Drive Busts A Nut

Studio: College Dudes

Dylan Drive likes to keep life simple and enjoys reading and swimmingand jerking off! This guy is too busy to get much action, but luckily he takes some time out of his busy schedule to put on a solo show for us! He strips and shows us his lean body then climbs onto the bed, kneeling and beginning to stroke his uncut cock until he gets it good and hard. He continues to work his big cock, running his hand along his shaft as he closes his eyes in pleasure. Next he lies down on the bed, spreading his legs and showing off that ass as he rubs his dick from behind. He runs his hand over his ass, spreading his firm cheeks as he continues to jerk his big cock. He flips over, laying on his back and working his cock, playing with his balls as he gets closer to orgasm. He plays with himself, rubbing his dick faster and faster until he shoots his hot load all over!

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Duration: 17:58
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Luv Rico

Studio: The Guy Site

Rico is a hot Latin guy with a big uncut cock. Hes also got a great perality and is quite lovable. Unfortunately, hes straight.
On the other hand, were lucky hes a stripper in a gay bar. He didnt didnt mind at all getting naked for us and jacking that big cock of his till dropping his load hands free.

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Personal Service – Because They Can

Studio: Defiant

Hey! A blowjob when ever you want! Nice if you can get to it. Watch these lucky stiffs as they get down to the business at hand and mouth! Strokin just the way you want givin your own mushroom head a tantalizing tongue job, a good suck, and a face and mouth full of your own freshly made jizz. Presenting a stable of young dudes who have a very special skill: they can give themselves a blowjob! Sexy, hung and flexible, they work themselves up and over and release their baby batter all over their faces and into their mouths! Youll envy their talent as you watch them giving and getting Peral Service!

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Latin Muscle – Paulo

Studio: The Guy Site

Gorgeous Latin muscle man with an uncut dick and a bush. Took a long time to get him on the site but was well worth it.

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Duration: 13:59
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2335kbps
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Devin Loves To Get Soaked – Devin Reynolds

Studio: Pisstwinks

Devin is more than a little experienced when it comes to getting drenched in hot piss, whether its his own or not. The fit and uncut long haired hottie is all about enjoying himself, and he knows how to put on a delicious show. Aiming his uncut cock in all directions he splashes his piss up over his body, running his wet hands through his hair, pissing in his own mouth and then jerking off his big uncut dick until the cum squirts out. Another round of pissing to wash the sweat from his body and hes a very happy young man!

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Duration: 23:28
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RB – Brock Cooper

Brock Cooper is off for a morning jog. He stretches out and does a few pull ups on a tree. After his sap gets pumping, he heads back to the Randy Blue gym to let the real workout begin.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:09
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3217kbps
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Introducing Abram Hoffer

Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Abram Hoffer is new to Broke Straight Boys and were starting him off with a solo scene, but this newbie seems pretty at-ease in front of the camera and has no reservations about closing his eyes and touching himself! He starts by running his big hands across his body, trailing them across his chest and stomach before moving down to massage his bulge, rubbing it gently through his pants before pulling it out.
Once that dick is out, we get to appreciate just how big it is as he strokes it, getting it up to its full size as he takes his pants off and works that impressive prick with both hands! But he wants a little something more than just his hands, and he reaches for a fleshjack to help him out. He lubes it up and fucks it, making that toy work for him as he rams it hard and fast on his cock and by the look on his face, we can only guess that it feels damn good!
After hes gotten his fill of that, he goes back to some manual stimulation, getting comfortable as he masturbates and finally gets to shoot that huge load that hes been holding in!

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:13
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2403kbps
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