Kain and Jonathan Sex Each Other Up (Kain Lanning and Jonathan Cole) HD

Studio: Hollywood201

The sensual candles in the foreground makes this look like a Twinklight set as Kain Lanning and Jonathan Cole kiss and undress.The two swap hot oral by candlelight before they decide to move the action to a wetter environment in the shower. They suck more dick under the spray of warm water before Kain bends Jonathan over to stick his dick in his ass. When Kains ready to cum, Jonathan gets down and takes it in his mouth.

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Snow Plowed, Scene 01: Trystan Bull, Brody Wilder

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Trystan Bull, Brody Wilder
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshots, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut.
Video language: English

After taking in the snowy sights of Lake Tahoe, Brody Wilder kicks back in his boxers and keys up some porn. Brody is a jock’s wet dream, one of those blonds whose skin takes a deep tan while his fine body hairs turn to golden down. He’s got hard muscles and a mouth that begs to be kissed. Matching him for muscle and looks is Trystan Bull, a fantasy. Dripping from his shower, Trystan peers over Brody’s shoulder. They massage swelling boners and watch the porn. When Brody puts a hand on Trystan’s leg, Trystan drops the towel and feeds Brody his cock. His tapered torso twists and thrusts, and while Brody sucks, Trystan peels off Brody’s tank top, saying “Show me that tight body.” They hit the bed. Trystan flops on his back while Brody straddles him, centering Trystan’s cock at the entrance to Brody’s hard, tan buns. It’s straight in halfway, then Brody initiates a slow hip flexor action that makes the rest of Trystan’s cock disappear. The cum shots pay homage to many a guy’s youthful wanks with pals, as these sexy beasts stand shoulder to shoulder, the muscles of their chiseled torsos flexing in tandem, and jack out an avalanche of jism.

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BoyFun – Spanish Adventures, Part 6 Pool Noodles

We can always expect young Alex to encourage his friends into sharing some BoyFun, but he doesn't need to try too hard to get gorgeous boys David and Jake to share their boners with him.
The Spanish sun is beating down on Alex and his new friend Jake while the boys take a refreshing dip in the pool, but as their bodies meet and their lips come together their intent becomes more clear. The duo are sexy enough, but the arrival of handsome blond David only gets the two more excited, which is entirely understandable given how gorgeous the young man is.
He wasn't intending to join them while he cleaned the pool around the boys, but with a playful shove he's soon ensnared in their horny games. That's what happens when you look like he does around these two boys.
It's absolutely no surprise that Alex is soon showing off his pale and peachy ass while sucking on the turgid dicks of this two sexy friends, the boys taking their turns to feed him their wet boners.
With lips and tongues meeting tasty butt holes Alex is soon craving naked inches inside him, a pleasure David is soon providing while Alex continues to gobble Jake's tight little pucker.
The incredible feast of cock and ass only makes our young bottom greedier, teaming up his friends cock-to-cock, sliding his tight little hole down on both their awesome dicks at once, his butt stretched around their rigid erections in a DP ride.
Greedy Alex takes everything the boys can throw at him, including some big splashing cum loads right in his thirsty face, before getting his own splashing load fucked out of him buy hung Jake.

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Ben Rose, Mickelo Evans

Release Year: 2015
Studio: MenOfMontreal
Cast: Ben Rose, Mickelo Evans
Genres: Young Men, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, BlowJob, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot
Video language: English

Oral sex ... Yes, it starts with him. This case is no exception. These guys began to caress each other's members with their lips. The story does not end there ...

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Kristopher And Tobin Raw

Studio: Chaosmen

Bubble butt Tobin gets pounded by Kristopher. This muscular young stud has perfect bubble butt that just beg to be fucked.

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Release Year: 2009
Studio: GayRoom
Cast: Felix
Genres: Young Men, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, BlowJob, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot
Video language: English

Love sperm !? In order to get it will have to work hard. These guys are working in order to experience this pleasant feeling and cum on each other ...

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amh – Dylan, Beau & Johnny

Hot three-way action this week between Beau Taylor, Dylan Strokes, and Johnny V. The trio gets started working out and pumping up. As they check each other out, they all get up and leave together to go back to the hunk house. They immediately begin ripping each other's clothes off and swapping suck sessions. Dylan and Beau decide it is time to give it to Johnny so they bend him over and take turns on him from behind. Beau then flips him on his back while Dylan skull fucks Johnny, making him gag. Beau fucks the load out of Johnny and then Beau and Dylan blow their loads all over Johnny's face.

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Austin Wolf, Dallas Steele and Gabriel Cross

It's your cock they are stroking before dropping to their knees to worship your powerful erection before turning you round, parting your pert butt cheeks and inching their way inside you.

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Fucking Brody

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

Dies war ein langer und langweiliger Arbeitstag. Ich war so geil, dass ich mich kaum konzentrieren konnte. Dieser Typ aus der Kleinstadt hätte sich keinen besseren Zeitpunkt aussuchen können, um mein Büro zu betreten.

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Im Yours, Fuck Me Please!

Studio: Citebeur

When they arranged to meet for a session, Yo and Walid knew they were gonna have a good time but this fuck will be remembered as one of the best by the pair. That day Walid was really horny with a week worth of cum in his heavy balls. Yo was in a slutty mood and looking forward to be used and fucked really hard. He was in need of a real man. One whod tell him what to do and would treat him like a whore. All I can say is both got what they wanted, and more...

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Deep Dicc And Jake Knight

Studio: Rawstrokes

Where size does matter. This black skin guy is not a stud or muscle one but his cock.... it`s a true monster in pants! watch this black spermful monster!

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Lucio Saints fucks Ivan Romero’s asshole 1080p

Cast: Ivan Romero, Lucio Saints
Genres: Hunks, Muscle, Jocks, Interracial, Huge Dicks, Suck, Anal Sex, Condom

Ivan Romero is the lucio saints's new conquest is handsome , masculine and very vicious Ivan loves sucking cock, play with his tongue with a lot of saliva and a hairy hungry and insatiable hole givin to lucio a glorious morning!

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Snatched And Stuffed With Cock (Adam Watson, Aiden Jason, Deacon Hunter)

Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

Aiden kind of know what he's in for when Adam and Deacon snatch him from the street, and when the boys are sharing his mouth and arse he's not exactly reluctant about it. It might be blackmail, but this boy loves the taste of a stiff uncut cock and the feeling of having his hole used by the boys. He ends up covered in cum by the time the boys are finished with him, and then gets dumped at the side of the road like trash too!

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KristenBjorn 4Skin 4Ever – Rico Vega, Klein Kerr, Santiago Rodriguez

After seeing each other around the city for some time Rico Vega decides to invite his acquaintances Klein Kerr and Santiago Rodriguez over to get to know one another better. As the guys enter, they immediately begin to explore each other and discover the treat they all enjoy, ample foreskin. All three cocks are magnificent with their expansive foreskin, hiding their pulsating cock heads just waiting to jut out and gain some attention. Rico drops to his knees and eagerly works his mouth from one incredible cock to the other. Each cock takes its turn at Rico’s hungry mouth until Klein and Santiago begin to double tag his mouth with both of their cocks in his mouth at the same time. Klein takes a seat and Rico begins fucking his mouth with his impressive cock. While Klein is busy with Rico, Santiago is giving Klein’s cock a sucking we all dream of. Santiago is then flipped onto his shoulders on the sofa as Rico stuffs his imposing cock into his raw ass and Klein feeds him his hard cock. The guys switch it up again and this time Rico finds himself being fucked by Santiago and sucked by Klein. Time for another swap and Klein is in the middle with Santiago’s cock fucking him raw and Rico’s cock filling his mouth and throat. With two sumptuous cocks servicing him, Klein can resist no longer and blows his thick load of cum. Santiago is unable to resist the temptations of Klein’s smooth, muscular ass and shoots his load of cum all over Klein’s ass and balls. Rico is enthralled watching all the cum flying that he too unloads his creamy cum all over Klein’s mouth and lips. Klein sucks all the cum from Rico’s cock as Santiago sucks and licks up all of his and Klein’s cum. Santiago then joins Klein in the pleasures of Rico’s cock and foreskin.

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Randy Blue – Jayden Tyler & Robert Craig

When Jayden Tyler met Robert Craig his eyes almost popped out of his head. He knew his partner was going to be topping him but when he saw that sexy smooth body with the well defined six pack abs and rock hard pecs he could not wait to see more. The two of them got really frisky right from the get go, with Jayden feeding Robert all of his nice big cock. Jayden would reach down and massage one of his nipples while he did his best to work all of that cock down his throat and that just made Robert go absolutely wild. Jayden also gave Robert a really hot rim job, getting him all horned up and ready and that was pretty much all it took because Robert just impaled Jayden on his thick meaty dick. These guys were so hot for each other the camera crew even felt like voyeurs because the guys forgot they were even there. And check out the scene where Robert is fucking Jayden up against the locker. it was an interesting, position to say the least. After Jayden shot his load it was time for Robert. But Jayden hated to see it go to waste and lapped up all the extra jizz that was dripping off the tip of that sexy cock.

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I Love To Worship That Cock! (Lucas Sky and Dan Thames)

Studio: Bfuploads

Lucas had been asking me to suck his cock all afternoon, and now we were back at the hotel I was ready to make him cum. I love sucking his cock, but I wanted to get it on video too, so I gave him the camera to film the fun while I licked and sucked on his big dick and then made him shoot his cum out!

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Sex Toy Part 2

Release Year: 2015
Studio: Machofucker
Cast: Matias and Alex
Genres: Oral Anal Sex, Jocks, Muscle, Huge Dicks, Bareback, Latino, Blowjob, Cum Shots, Outdoor

An insatiable appetite for girl or boy pussy and his natural tendency to show off his big-ass dick and his outstanding sex skills make Matias one of the best genuine Amateur models we met in the past 10 years of Machofucker.

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RawFuckC – Josh Stone – Big Bear Brad Kalvo

Studio: RawFuckClub

Josh Stone sure likes his Daddies and when he entered the hotel room and say Brad Kalvo standing there with his big hairy chest cock hanging in that hairy bush he knew he was in the right place.

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Gabriel Clark, Felix Brazeau

Release Year: 2015
Studio: MenOfMontreal
Cast: Gabriel Clark, Felix Brazeau
Genres: Young Men, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, BlowJob, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot
Video language: English

This guy brought a lady he met recently. They flirted a bit, after which they had sex.
This video has a lot to see, you will be surprised by the variety of poses.

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Randy Blue – Dean Skye & Jayden Tyler

At first I was worried about whether Dean and Jayden would get along. They kept on messing with each other. Dean started by asking Jayden if he could borrow his phone, and then pretended to break it. Then Jayden got retaliation by throwing make up powder all over Dean. Finally when we were trying to get some nice poses, Dean pantsed Jayden and Jayden ripped the tank top Dean was wearing. Dean shoved Jayden down, and Jayden called him annoying. And then all of a sudden, boom, they were making out hard core. Clothes came off and hard cocks came out. I would liken this to make up sex. Full of anger and passion and intensity. They sucked each other off, ate ass, and then Dean started to pound Jayden with his hard fucking dick. Dean was throwing Jayden all over the place and Jayden could not get enough. He wanted Dean inside of him in every position possible. Finally while fucking him on his back, Jayden said he was going to cum. Dean pulled out and let Jayden cum in his mouth. Then Dean rammed back in side of him until he was ready to bust. Then he jizzed gallons of cum all over Jayden. They started making out in a snowballing frenzy. I kept yelling cut. But to no avail, they still kept going at it. For two people that started out fighting, they sure seemed in love now.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 28:48
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Release Year: 2009
Studio: GayRoom
Cast: Jeremy
Genres: Young Men, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, BlowJob, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot
Video language: English

There is nothing wrong with anal sex. On the contrary, you will get a bunch of pleasant sensations and a little bike cream on your body ...

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Duration: 41:09
Video: 1250x702, Windows Media Video 9, 2441kbps
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kb – Full Of Spunk (Gabriel Lunna & Ridder Rivera) Bareback

Ridder Rivera works out hard at the gym to get the massive muscular body that he has, so when he spotted Gabriel Lunna at the gym working his ass off he wanted to know more about this new guy at the gym. Gabriel was blown away when Ridder invited him over after the gym. Ridder's towel is ripped away and we are all blown away with his massive mahogany cock. Gabriel wastes no time and immediately makes a feast of plenty out of Ridder's monster cock. Cock sucking is Gabriel's forte and he makes sure that every centimeter of his fat shaft is pleasured. Ridder truly appreciates Gabriel's incredible skills and wants a taste of Gabriel's hot cock before it explodes from straining from all the excitement. Gabriel's cock has become rock solid and his balls have drawn up tight as Ridder deep throats his explosive cock. Ridder senses that he has sucked on Gabriel's cock too long and has crossed the line of no return. Ridder leans back as Gabriel erupts a thick load of cum directly into his hungry mouth. Ridder sucks Gabriel's cock clean and savors the delicacy oozing from within. Gabriel moves into position and Ridder's tongue begins probing and pleasuring Gabriel's hot, pink ass. With his ass drenched in saliva Gabriel lowers his bare ass onto Ridder's steely rod. Gabriel goes balls deep and rides Ridder as hard as he can. Ridder flips Gabriel and takes him from behind, plunging his cock in and out of Gabriel's ravenous ass. Ridder tests Gabriel's limits by alternating from rapid fire fucking to pulling out and plunging his cock back in as deep as possible. This style of fucking keeps Gabriel's cock rock hard and plunges Ridder over the precipice of pleasure as he showers Gabriel's ass with his hot load of spunk. Ridder rams his cum slicked cock back inside of Gabriel, so that his new gym buddy has something to think about later.

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Duration: 25:59
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Fucking Bryan

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

Ich schätze, er liebt es, wenn sein enges Arschloch rausgeschmissen wird. Muss man Sex lieben!

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Duration: 23:37
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 3483kbps
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Flip Flop With Max Summerfield And Tyler Hanson

Studio: Gayhoopla

Max Summerfield had been slightly crushing on the thicker Tyler Han. He found him outside trying to catch a tan and had to interrupt as he saw his chance while the house was empty. His plan was to throw Tyler in the pool and get him all wet him to have to strip. Maxs plan worked and took the opportunity to slide his hands down Tylers pants and grab his boner. The two made out before Max took his lips straight to Tylers hard cock. After some blowing, They wanted to take the rest inside where the AC was blowing cool air. They blew each other some more and decided to continue the tour of the body. Max bent Tyler over for some fucking. This was actually Tyler Hans first cock, so Max took is slow in the beginning. After Max blew his load, Tyler had his chance at his first warm hole. Tyler fucked pretty hard for a rookie while Max moaned with all types of feelings. The two both had finally released and couldnt help but laugh and think why they hadnt been doing this forever now.

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Duration: 25:25
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Cody Carter Fucks Jake Steel

Studio: Collegedudes

Cody Carter rips into Jake Steel with a vengeance in this scene! It has been a while since Cody has been around; we are really glad he is back looking great and still fucking like a champ! After sucking dick and licking hole, Cody goes to town on Jake and Jake loves every minute of it! Enjoy!

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Duration: 25:05
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Danny McCoy’s Cum Bonanza 720p

Cast: Danny McCoy, Blake Parker, Johnny Hunger, Chad North
Genres: Duets, Kissing, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bareback, Masturbation, Cumshots, Big Cocks, Twinks, Tattoos

Perfect dirty little twink Danny McCoy can't get enough cock, ass and cum, but this weekend he's trying his Hardest. He and Blake Parker are so revved and ready that they're stripped for action and sucking each other in no time flat! Getting a mouthful of each other's cocks is just a preliminary before they start the main event, ramming each other's asses with raw, achingly stiff dick. Danny goes first and plows into Blake's hot tan ass, then flips and lifts his legs to get an assload of Blake. Just a minute of prostate pounding has him erupting onto his tight abs. Blake sprays Danny's hole with his sticky wad, then pushes inside to breed the sexy young stud.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:10
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